Music Review: Missy Andersen – Missy Andersen
Blues Matters! Magazine
By Jamie Hailstone
March 2010

Detroit-born singer Missy Andersen is what you would describe as an old-school soul belter. Like Sharon Jones, The Bamboos, and Sweet Vandals, she specializes in a deep funk that is perfect to dance to. She has a terrific voice and her rendition of Ann Peebles “I Can’t Stand the Rain” is excellent. She even tears it up on “Ace of Spades”, which is in case you are wondering is not the Motorhead version! Readers might have heard this song a millions time and has become something of an old chestnut, but Andersen genuinely breathes new life into it. Sadly, there are only eight tracks on this otherwise excellent record and credit should go to Jeppe Juul, who does a fine job of greasing up the Hammond organ. It might not have the production standards of a Daptone release, or be quite as club friendly, but it’s pretty close. And if deep groove ain’t your thing, then Andersen does shift gears back to the Blues on the final track “Stand Up and Dance”. This welcome slice of back porch Blues, proves there is more to this diva than soul alone. Those years spent singing back-up vocals for Earl Thomas have paid dividends. The former Juke Joint Jezebelle has broken loose and she sounds great.